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The New Westwood

Modern. Convenient. Connected.

Community Benefits

The new Westwood will bring a host of new amenities and services to the Westbard community.

Improved connectivity with neighboring communities

  • Enhanced pedestrian experience by creating wide landscaped sidewalks lined with small shops, restaurants and neighborhood spaces
  • A new shuttle bus service to Metro stations
  • New interior grid of streets that could be also utilized for community events

Convenient shopping and dining options

  • Modern grocery store
  • Mix of restaurants including outdoor dining
  • Variety of retail options
  • Neighborhood services such as cleaners, bank and salon

Enhanced and improved environmental impacts

  • Improved stormwater management
  • Increased landscaping to reduce amount of impervious surface and urban heat
  • Sustainable design and architecture
  • Active and passive green roofs

A network of green spaces and gathering places for the community

  • Passive and active landscaped areas
  • Programmed open space and plazas for potential farmers’ markets, fairs or other community events
  • An interior community-use space
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