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Equity One shares traffic analyses

Equity One and its traffic engineer, Wells + Associates, have performed preliminary analysis on the impact our proposed redevelopment would have on traffic in the area.  As part of this process, Wells surveyed traffic in the area in May 2014, specifically evaluating the major intersections surrounding the proposed redevelopment.

Using nationally recognized standards (the same standards used by Montgomery County), Wells calculated the amount of additional traffic that would be created by the project at these intersections.  As part of this calculation, Wells also applied a regional growth factor based on historical trends in the area and added in the estimated traffic impact from the Bethesda Intelligence Community Campus (ICC-B) scheduled to open in the near future. (The impact of the ICC-B project was analyzed during the public review of that project.)

The final analysis shows that even with all of these changes, the identified intersections will still allow traffic to flow at a satisfactory level measured against the nationally recognized standards employed by the county. The results of our analysis can be seen by clicking on the PDF files below.

Montgomery County will be conducting its own analysis as part of the Sector Plan review. Given that they will be using data obtained on different days, it is likely that there will be some discrepancy in the numbers they report in comparison to ours. In addition, its final report will consider the traffic impacts associated with the hypothetical full build-out of the Sector Plan whereas our analysis only considered the factors referenced above. Finally, please note that our project will have to undergo an additional review of potential traffic impacts as part of any site plan review process, which would not occur until after the Sector Plan has been approved.

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