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Looking Ahead to the New Westwood

The review and update of the Westbard Sector Plan has been a long process, and we appreciate the hard work and effort of the community, county planners and the County Council. This week’s approval of an updated sector plan establishes planning guidelines in Westbard for the next 30 years.

We look forward to the next stage as we move towards a new Westwood that’s modern, convenient and community friendly—and to continuing our work with all stakeholders in Westbard.

The next step for Equity One is the sketch plan process with the county Planning Department and Planning Board. Under the mixed-use CRT zone, developers submit a sketch plan—which is the big picture look at the entire development project and phasing.

In the coming weeks, Equity One will formally submit an application for this sketch plan and will be required to meet with neighboring property owners.

We look forward to keeping you informed. Like our Facebook page and join the mailing list on the website, TheNewWestwood.com, to follow updates.

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