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Planning Board advances Westbard redevelopment

An early stage, conceptual “sketch plan” won approval from the Montgomery County Planning Board last Thursday, advancing the developer’s vision for a new Westwood at Westbard.

The approved plan focused on the naturalization of the Willett Branch stream, the realignment of Westbard Avenue and Ridgefield Road and the public open spaces – amenities recommended in the adopted Westbard Sector Plan to serve the entire Westbard community.

The paved area alongside Westwood Towers, where an African-American cemetery reportedly existed was excluded from the sketch plan until a thorough archaeological investigation of the site is conducted within the next two months by the developer. Once complete, the developer will submit a sketch amendment before proceeding with Preliminary Plan for the entire project.

For more information and answers to some frequently asked questions about the historic cemetery, please go to Montgomery County’s PlanWestbard website.

As always, please feel free to submit questions via our contact form and we will respond.

We look forward to keeping you informed as the plan review and approval process continues.

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