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The New Westwood

Modern. Convenient. Connected.


The new Westwood creates a truly special place for the entire community. Our vision is for a pedestrian friendly gathering space with a new retail center and new residential and office. A variety of active and passive open spaces are integrated throughout the project.

This vision was guided by the feedback and information we gathered from public meetings, surveys, and neighborhood associations. The Design Principles below summarize what we heard:

Program and Amenities

  • Value and support local businesses, especially those that provide everyday services
  • Residential can help to create a more unique and welcoming environment, as long as it is the appropriate scale and quality
  • Community space should be a meaningful component of the project and should be multi-functional to serve multiple audiences

Mobility, Access and Connectivity

  • Evaluate design options to minimize cut-through traffic in adjacent residential neighborhoods
  • Provide a better balance between transportation mode choices including vehicular, transit, pedestrian and bicycle options
  • Provide convenient, free and safe parking

Design Character

  • Design Westbard Avenue to be a signature, pedestrian friendly “Main Street” that integrates development on both sides of the street
  • Design buildings that provide a unique character through scale, detail and street level experience
  • Respect site edges with compatible development

Landscape, Sustainability and Environment

  • Include a variety of landscaped open spaces within the project to create a sense of place and encourage community interaction
  • Develop a landscape strategy that establishes connectivity and enhances compatibility with adjacent neighbor
  • Incorporate LEED architecture and urban design ideas to ensure environmental stewardship
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