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Sign the petition: Westbard Deserves New Investment

Westbard is a highly affluent area of Montgomery County.

Yet its streets are not pedestrian friendly.

Its residents shop at an unsightly retail center surrounded by a sea of asphalt.

Its service workers can’t afford to live there.

And its natural resources are among the county’s worst.

The Westbard community deserves far more than this status quo. The County Council must set a new course by adopting a Westbard Sector Plan that includes envisioned redevelopment that will bring new investment in Westbard and numerous community benefits.


Please sign a petition stating that you believe Westbard deserves a modern community with a welcoming retail center, space for community events, places to dine close to home, more walkable streets, new environmental protections and new housing options for a range of incomes. It is incumbent on the Council to adopt an updated Westbard Sector Plan that promotes new investment in the Westbard community and allows for redevelopment.



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